Review: Soul Sacrifice

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With most action and role-playing games (or RPGs for short), the concept of magic is almost trivialized. Some games require you to use it by spending abundant MP (mana/magic power/points depending on the game) and others allow you to use magic whenever you want with very little penalty. Often, this encourages players to abuse their powers as a way to get the job done more quickly. However, Kenji Inafune (co-creator of Mega Man/Rockman, head of Comcept) wants you to think differently about magic powers.  What if learning and using a magic spell cost you your favorite good luck charm, an organ, or even the soul of your best friend? Would you be willing to make that trade in the pursuit of power? That’s the ethical question posed by Comcept’s first major production game, Soul Sacrifice for the PlayStation Vita.

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The Zombros Podcast: Episode 14 – Where’s My Money?

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In this week’s episode of the Zombros Podcast, we discuss the Steam Summer Sale and how much damage it did to our wallets. We talk about the Ouya and its sales. And, we talk about EA and their excuse for their dip in preorders.

Episode 14 – Where is my Money?.

The Zombros Podcast: Episode 13 – Uhh yeah

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This week, Brian and Dylan talk about their recent purchase of the Ouya.

We will be off next week due to my vacation in New Jersey. But, we may have a pleasant surprise for our Zombros Podcast listeners!

The New Zombros Podcast!: Episode 11 – Cowboy Hat

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On this week’s episode, Dylan, Brian and Brad discuss Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Dylan and Brad differ on The Last of Us and we discuss the complete flip in policy for DRM on the Xbox One.

You may notice that we haven’t updated on the blog in quite some time regarding the podcast, but two weeks ago, we unveiled a brand new format and feel to our Zombros podcast. Feel free to check it out on iTunes and feel free to comment on the page!


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Audio Review: The Last of Us

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Under Construction: We’re Finding Ourselves

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Hey there loyal Zombros!

Hopefully there are some of you left out there (if there were any of you to begin with). I’d like to apologize for the abrupt end to the constant stream of content coming from Planet Zombo last month. What happened you asked? To put it simply, I didn’t know what I wanted the site to be. We went from being a small renegade site to trying to model the IGN format, the very thing we tried to combat.

For the last month or so, Brad Wiswall, Brian Kain, Nick Huddy, and myself have been figuring out what will become of the site. So here is your much delayed PSA… Planet Zombo is currently in beta so to speak. We’ll still be putting out podcasts and we might actually continue writing articles in this little intermission.

PLEASE sound off in the comments below. Doe’s anyone miss the blog, what would you like us to focus on more in the future?

Thank you for your understanding and continuing support.

Generational Shift – Silicon Knights vs. Epic Games: The Battle Of Too Human

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A generation of gaming consoles that began 9 years ago with the Nintendo DS, is finally coming to a close. It was a period of rapid and sometimes radical innovation, including everything from dual screen displays, touch controls, high-definition graphics and even motion controlled games with no controller support.  When the gaming history books are written, we’ll probably recall this time as one  the most notable eras in the industry.

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The Zombros Podcast Special Edition: Rotten Eggs – Bioshock Infinite Edition

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This week on the Zombros Podcast, Brad, Dylan, and Brian break down one of 2013’s best games in exhaustive detail. BE WARNED: THIS PODCAST WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR BIOSHOCK INFINITE!

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Confirmed


After some speculation that this year’s Call of Duty game would be announced on May 1st, the official announcement came right on que and what we know is this: Call of Duty: Ghosts will be released November, 5th for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and next-gen consoles at a later date.

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Review: Guacamelee

Guacamelee 1

Being clever isn’t as easy as you might think.  Look no further than this very article.  I’m already 19 words into the piece and haven’t said anything of interest yet.  Which leads me to Guacamelee, a game with a title so intentionally clever, you might think the developers lost confidence in the product itself and hoped to sell a few quick copies with a gimmicky name. Read the rest of this entry


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